Welcome to our support zone.

The idea of this area is primarily to provide support for users of the Stabile ( software - both users who use our hosted offering, Stabile Cloud, and users who run their own intances (i.e. self-hosting users).
This area is powered by the excellent Redmine (, which is of course running in a virtual server managed by Stabile. The reasons we use this instead of a hosted solution like say Zendesk, is that we use Redmine internally, and the fact that one of the purposes behind Stabile is in our own small way to try to push back a bit some of the centralization that has been going on in the Internet for some time now.
The source code for Stabile is available through our Gitlab repository located at:

Below are a few quick links:

In order to participate in any of this fun, i.e. create support or issue tickets and forum messages, you need to register and log in. You can also do this by following the link in the upper right corner.

You can also try to reach us via Discord:

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