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Origo OS Manager, Developer 05/18/2021



10:54 AM Origo OS nginx-ghost-ingress.yaml
Christian Orellana (Origo)
10:53 AM Origo OS certmanager-acme.yaml
Christian Orellana (Origo)


05:49 PM Origo OS ghost4.yaml
Christian Orellana (Origo)


03:32 PM Origo OS Stabile Stacks: New Ghost stack published
We just published a new Stack for Stabile targeting independent publishers - the excellent Ghost blogging platform.
Christian Orellana (Origo)


11:09 PM Origo OS Stabile Stacks: New Rocket.Chat stack published
We were looking for a replacement to Messenger and Slack, and stumbled across RocketChat, which we now use as a repla... Christian Orellana (Origo)
11:07 PM Origo OS Stabile Stacks: New Jupyter stack published
We've bundled Jupyter Notebook as a stack. Jupyter is used a lot in academia and is a very nice tool for doing all ki... Christian Orellana (Origo)
11:01 PM Origo OS Stabile Stacks: New Discourse stack published
We've done our best to package Discourse, which is a wonderful Open Source product, but it sure ain't easy. When the ... Christian Orellana (Origo)

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